Supermarkets & retail outlets

INCH is the market leader in waterproof mattress protection in Europe and offers a wide range of mattress protection from very basic products to top-of-the-range items :
  • Drawstring mattress protectors and waterproof, drawsheets with cutouts, fitted sheets, fully encased mattress protectors, jackets, etc., all waterproof and absorbent
  • envelope and ZIP pillow protectors.
Everything you need at prices you can afford:
  • choice: vast range of products to meet a wide variety of individual needs;
  • advice: we offer top-quality information, expertise and shrewd advice to help you select the products you need;
  • sales: realistic proposals, follow-up, availability, responsiveness, productivity and sales statistics
  • products: reliability of our products over the course of their lifetimes;
  • innovation: a continual improvement and permanent progress process;
  • quality: test laboratories, unique traceability, specifications, monitoring procedures and quality manual, quality certification and labels, external audits, etc.;
  • logistics: timely delivery, compliance, un-degraded products.
To satisfy all our customers’ spoken and unspoken needs.