Medical – Paramedical Sectors

INCH has also been active in medical and paramedical sectors (hospitals, clinics, laundries, retirement homes, pharmacies, etc.) for many years now, and has designed and developed ranges of mattress protection to meet the specific needs of your market:
  • fitted sheet, fully encased mattress cover, PU-coated waterproof mattress protector;
  • special incontinence protection fitted sheet for the medical (paediatrics and geriatrics) and paramedical (retirement homes and pharmacies) sectors;
  • specific products that can be developed to your specifications in our development and testing laboratories;
  • INCH can recommend the mattress protector which will promote the best sleep hygiene to meet the standards and requirements set by your industry.
We can meet your technical requirements in the following ways:
  • optimal hygiene: waterproof with a PU coating for optimal hygiene;
  • safety and performance: all our products have been tested in the laboratory (water column, breathability, resistance, removal, flammability, disinfection, damage, etc.) are regularly monitored and comply with all ISO and DIN standards;
  • innovation: participation of our laboratory in development projects;
  • easy maintenance: surface cleanable, regular or intensive wash, from 40 to 95°C in a traditional machine or industrial laundry.