All our treatments are guaranteed to be harmless to health and the environment, hypoallergenic and comply with the latest regulations and standards. None of our treatments contain heavy metals, phtalates, permethrin or triclosan, which are harmful to human health.

Different types of bedding protection treatments are available :

AEGIS ® : non-migrating antimicrobial technology;lasting triple protection against bacteria, mould and dust mites; it guarantees optimal hygiene and freshness… This human- and environmentally friendly technology is not an insecticide but acts indirectly against dust mites which are responsible for allergens.This is a long-term treatment as the active ingredient attaches permanently to the fibre.

this is the first treatment against dust mites based on natural ingredients from ECOCERT-certified organic farming.   It is formulated from extracts of Neem.
PRONEEM® provides textiles with permanent protection against dust mites and dust.

PURESSENTIAL® : this is a hypoallergenic treatment made from natural ingredients. It controls dust mites to reduce allergic and respiratory problems. Its odourless antibacterial action based on zinc pyrithione brings comfort and healthy sleep.

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SANITIZED® : anti-bacterial treatment against dust mites used in our PU and PVC coatings

PASSERELLE® : moisture management technology: guarantees comfort and well-being by controlling moisture. This hydrophilic technology considerably enhances textile absorption, drainage and evaporation properties for optimal evaporation and total comfort…
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COOL’IN® : is a unique technology for temperature regulation combining three active agents that work in synergy.
COOL’IN is able to absorb, build up and restore freshness for perfect temperature and humidity control. It controls the temperature of your body during sleep for complete comfort and improves the quality of your sleep.

THERMIC® » : thermoregulation technology. It enhances the quality of sleep by maintaining an ideal temperature. This innovative patented microencapsulated technology can regulate variations in temperature which disturb the quality of sleep.

TEFLON® » : fends off stains, is water repellent and consequently renders fabric waterproof. 

SANFOR : is a mechanical procedure which helps prevent shrinkage on washing.