INCH is a vertically integrated Belgian waterproof mattress protection manufacturer and is the market leader in Europe in waterproof laminated and coated mattress and pillow protectors.
INCH is located in Blandain in Belgium, in the heart of the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis, and has, at present, two production sites. The first is in Belgium, close to our company headquarters, and the second, in Romania, offers large production capacity.

INCH provides a comprehensive, flexible range of products in all sizes, finishes and treatments, ranging from budget, entry-level products to top-of-the-range items, to suit all needs and expectations, whether spoken or unspoken.

INCH has shown year-on-year growth and 85% of its current turnover comes from exports, particularly to Europe, North America and Asia.At present, the company has 6 sales offices: UK, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

With more than 45 years of experience and a finely tuned operation, INCH invests all its expertise and attention to detail in creating new products to respond to the latest consumer trends and bring you top-quality, supremely comfortable products that meet your every need in terms of well-being.

In close cooperation with our partner Sioen Industries (world leader in coating), we have introduced quality-assurance procedures (materials testing) in order to maintain rigorous quality standards.

The professionalism, dedication, expertise and experience of our staff allow us to offer sustainable quality and high standards of service. INCH employs a total of 80 employees on its 2 production sites.